Internal Students



  • be enrolled at the Conservatoire, in order to pay the tuition fees
  • not be in receipt of another Community grant from other mobility programmes during the same period
  • knowledge of the language of the host country (according to the host country’s indications)

Enrolment procedures

European Online Application System:

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Students enrolled in first-, second-, third-cycle and single-cycle degree courses who may undertake the internship before or after obtaining their degree.

Place of activity

The international host organisation may be:

  • any organisation, public or private, from a Programme country active in the labour market or in the fields of education, training, youth, research and innovation
  • a non-profit organisation, association, NGO;
  • a vocational guidance institution;
  • a higher education institution from a Programme Country or a higher education institution from a Partner Country

Minimum documentation required

Prior to mobility, outgoing students, sending higher education institution and host institution must sign a Learning Agreement for traineeship

Enrolment Procedures

Mobility Learning Agreement for Traineeship(LAT)

To be submitted by the deadlines indicated by the administrative office to

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