The Library

The Library began its activity in the academic year 2000-2001 when the institute, from being a branch of the ‘Niccolò Piccinni’ Conservatory of Bari, became autonomous.

The patrimony is progressively growing thanks to the constant attention paid to this fundamental institution of the city’s musical life and not only, given the fact that students come from various parts of the region. From only 300 bibliographic units of the initial nucleus (mostly donations and editorial gifts) today the patrimony counts over 17,000 units including musical editions, manuscripts, monographs, LPs, CDs, DVDs.

In the library it is also possible to consult more than 90 Italian and foreign music periodicals, out-of-print and currently published, including 20 on subscription, as well as the RILM database.

Since 2022 the library is present in the database of the National Library Service and operates in agreement with the SBN Terra di Bari Pole; it is associated with the AIB (Italian Library Association) and IAML Italy.

In 2023 the library was named after Monopoli composer Orazio Fiume.

The library’s holdings are also made up of donations from personalities linked in various ways to the Monopoli area.

Orazio Fiume Fund

Between 2001 and 2012 the heirs of Orazio Fiume donated to the library part of the archive of the Monopoli composer, for years director among others of the Conservatoire of Trieste. It consists of more than a thousand pieces of correspondence with the most illustrious personalities of the musical and cultural world of the last century, manuscripts and musical editions, documents testifying to his teaching and artistic activities, photographs, concert programmes, press reviews, and sound recordings totaling more than 2,000 units. A catalog of this donation is available: Manuela Di Donato, Music and Words. The Archive of Orazio Fiume (1908-1976), archival collaboration by Francesca Topputi, Bari, Florestano, 2012. Since 2012, however, small documentary nuclei have been steadily added, again thanks to the generosity of the family, and this has necessitated a new census resulting in the publication, ten years later, of the second volume of Musica e parole, published in 2022 by the “Nino Rota” Conservatoire. The archive can be consulted by appointment. A virtual exhibition has been created on the figure of Orazio Fiume by Manuela Di Donato: Orazio Fiume. Storia di un compositore dalle carte d’archivio, as part of the MOVIO project of the Ministry of Culture.

A portrait of the composer was also drawn in the video “Orazio Fiume – the breath of the soul

Vanna Rota Fund

In 2007, the Rota family also enriched the library’s holdings with a bequest of more than 1,000 units from the family archives of Mrs. Vanna Rota, Nino’s great-granddaughter, and consisting exclusively of musical editions, including rare and valuable ones. The material can be consulted by appointment and a catalog is available: The Vanna Rota Fund of the “Nino Rota” Conservatoire of Monopoli, edited by Manuela Di Donato, Monopoli, Viverein, 2011.

Laura Denigris Donation

Scores for solo flute and in chamber music ensembles belonging to flutist Laura Denigris, a former student of the “Nino Rota” Conservatoire, who died prematurely.

Pierpaolo Maria Faggiano Donation

Monographs and over 600 CDs and LPs all dedicated to jazz belonging to Pierpaolo Maria Faggiano (Ceglie Messapica, 11 June 1970 – 21 June 2011). Journalist, local correspondent for ‘La Gazzetta del Mezzogiorno’, editor of ‘Allaboutjazz’, member of SIDMA (Italian Society of Afro-American Musicology). In 2003 he wrote the book interview with Mario Schiano Un Cielo di Stelle for Manifesto Libri, which tells the history of our free-jazz. Founder and artistic director in 2005 of the “Cegliejazz Open Festival”, which gathers part of the legacy of the “Europa Jazz Festival” in Noci and the “Talos Festival” in Ruvo di Puglia signed by Pino Minafra, the Apulian festivals that before Ceglie had succeeded in describing the most innovative scenarios of continental and world jazz.

Domenico Campanella Donation

Domenico Campanella (Putignano, 2 April 1935 – 12 June 2014), musician, composer, lecturer.

The donation consists of manuscripts and monographs from his library. Among his early compositions are Piove, selected for the International Fair in Milan, and Bionda, which took part in the Concorso della Canzone called by Edizioni Musicali Corradini in Rome. From 1965 to 1968, he was among the organisers of the ‘Festival dei Birichini’ in Putignano. In the late 1970s, he founded the folk group ‘I Senza Sonno’ (The Sleepless), which took part in numerous events in the area, performing both pieces from the Apulian folk repertoire and his own compositions, always inspired by the local folk tradition. In 1987 he published Canti Popolari di Terra di Puglia, a collection of texts and music from Apulian folklore. From 1988 to 1995, he was among the promoters of the musical review ‘Classica e Paese’. In the second half of the 1990s, he conducted research on the Putignano musician Giovanni Cesare Netti (Putignano 1649 – Naples 1686) and transcribed some of his works. In 1999, he founded the ‘Cesare Netti’ association, of which he was artistic director.

Paolo Vincenzo Simone Donation

A collection of 1,500 scores of songs, music for dancing, film music, jazz from the 1950s to the 1980s belonging to Paolo Vincenzo Simone (Polignano, 20 February 1934 – 7 December 2008), musician and teacher, donated to the Conservatoire by Gianluca Cornacchia.

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Consultation of the library’s electronic catalogues and online resources from four dedicated workstations.

Periodicals consultation.

Lending reserved to students and teachers of the Conservatoire. Excluded from the lending are reference works, periodicals, opera omnia, texts belonging to special funds, manuscripts, orchestra materials.

Interlibrary lending.

Reproductions for internal educational use and within the terms permitted by law. For works of particular value users may, with the permission of the librarian, make reproductions by their own means.

Bibliographical information: consultancy for music and musicological dissertations and research; assistance in the use of printed and online bibliographical tools.

Tel: 080 9303607 (switchboard)


Access is restricted to teachers and students of the ‘Nino Rota’ Conservatorie of Music. External users are also admitted to consultation by appointment.

Monday – Wednesday – Friday 10 a.m. – 12 p.m.

Tuesday – Thursday 4-6 p.m.

Professor of Bibliography and Music Librarianship and Librarian: Prof. Manuela Di Donato

Distribution assistants: Angela Andreani, Laura Lamanna, Grazia Notarangelo

Part of the monographs are catalogued in the SBN Opac.

Electronic catalogues of monographs, music, periodicals and CDs are available for consultation from the library workstations, or it is possible to search using the following form: