In accordance with the provisions of Law 170/2010 and Law 104/1992, the Monopoli Conservatoire, starting from A.Y. 2020/2021, activated a series of services dedicated to Special Didactics and aimed at its students with specific learning disorders and other forms of disorders.

These services consist of:

  • the possibility of using a customised examination plan;
  • the presence in the Conservatoire of secretarial staff and student tutors as dedicated reference persons to obtain useful information and support both during the enrolment phase and during the academic pathway;
  • monitoring the teaching and organisational processes;
  • preparing and implementing inclusion policies;
  • providing students with special needs with compensatory tools and aids to support study and teaching;
  • the possibility of requesting the support of a peer tutor.



  • Specific learning disorders contact person: Prof. Grazia Sebastiani

Please note: when registering for admission, you must notify Isidata of your condition and attach the appropriate certification.